Year 6 Home Learning WC 25.01.2021

by 12 Jan 2021Year 6

Hello all, Miss Worthington here 🙂

Here are your home learning resources for week commencing Monday 25th January. This week, there are lots of links for you to access lessons directly, particularly through Oak National Academy. To support you at home, within these lessons are videos for you to watch. You may wish to make notes as you do this – to remind you of key learning points as you are completing the work. You have all been so amazing so far and we hope that you enjoy the activities this week. Your work submission for this week is outlined on the home learning timetable (at the top). Please ensure you submit the 2 specified pieces of work. This week, Miss Worthington will be in the classroom. Any queries relating to remote learning, please send directly to Miss Moss:

Don’t forget to log in to your TEAMS sessions 🙂

Please see your timetable for this week below:

Timetable talk through:

PE: See the link on the home learning timetable. Choose a session a day to complete

Interactive Mental Maths: See the links below that will take you to a PowerPoint/PDF document. There is one for each day. Answer the questions on the document (you can time your responses if you wish) and then use the answers at the end of the document to mark. It does not matter which order you complete these in.

**NOTE: There are only 4 mental maths documents. On Friday, I would like you to create your OWN mental maths quiz in a similar style to the ones you have completed this week. Don’t forget to add answers too!

Spellings: Spelling Shed Stage 6 List 10. Spellings are stated on the timetable. Read this carefully and access spelling shed from home too. You can then ask someone to test you on these spellings on Friday.

Maths – In Maths this week, you will be working through the lessons on Oak National Academy. There are lots of video tutorials to help you with your learning this week on estimating volume and cube numbers. You will find all of the links you need (for each day on the timetable). Please read this carefully and record your work in your home learning book.

English – This week we will be focusing on colons and modal verbs. In each session, you will need to access the link on the home learning timetable above. This link will take you to a site called ‘The Natural Curriculum’. Each link provides a lessons worth of learning. You will need to work through each section on the link, the sections are:

  • The Learning Objective Page
  • The Grammar Bit
  • The Whiteboard Challenge (this can be written in your Home Learning books)
  • Writing Ideas

Work through these four stages each day and record all of your work in your home learning book. Below are some PPTs to help:

Modal verbs:


Reading: ‘Voices in the Park’

This week we are going to read ‘Voices in the Park’. This story is on the PowerPoint, see links below. The sessions will work in the following way:

Monday – Reading Session 1 – Read the story of ‘Voices in the Park’. See link:

Tuesday and Wednesday – Reading Session 2 – Reread the story and answer the questions in full. See link:

Thursday and Friday – Reading Session 3 – Reread the story and answer the questions in full. See link:

The answers PowerPoint can be found here:

PSHE: This week we will use the links on the home learning timetable. Each day we will focus on a different aspect of PSHE, including;

  • Life is all about balance
  • Food glorious food
  • Time to get active
  • My own workout
  • Images in the media

Wider curriculum subjects: This week you will complete the following subjects, all the links you need are on the timetable, please refer to this!

  • Monday – Science – What is refraction and how can we use it?
  • Tuesday – Music – Understanding rhythm and pulse.
  • Wednesday – RE – How did the religion of Islam begin?
  • Thursday – History – What was the role of children during World War 1? Followed by create your own leaflet.
  • Friday – Geography – What are North Americas countries and physical features? Followed by create a poster on North America.

All of the links you need are on the home learning timetable. Make sure you read the sections carefully incase you are required to do a follow up task. 

Hopefully, this week we have reduced the amount of printing needed. Record any learning in your home learning book. If you have any further queries, get in touch with Miss Moss who will be delivering remote education this week.