Thursday 12th November

by 11 Nov 2020Year 5

Happy Thursday! Miss Cope will be joining us at our 9.15am meeting for our own mini Star Assembly.

Here are the resources for today’s lessons. For an overview of the day and the lessons, have a look at this week’s home learning timetable. You are welcome to send photos of any work to me – I will create an online display of our work so that we can share it with the rest of class.


Maths – two-way tables


Answer sheet

Miss Griffiths’ answer explanation video

For extra practise or help, watch the video below:

There are also extra Maths tasks set on your MyMaths accounts for those of you who wanted some extra Maths work.


Reading – Summarising

Summarising is a key reading skill (the S in VIPERS). It means to be able to pick out the main and important points to quickly retell a story (or sum up a piece of writing).

Summarise the story of Beowulf so far by drawing a comic strip, showing the main events.

Here is a blank comic strip if you’re not sure about how to lay it out.

For reminders of the Beowulf story so far, look at


English – modal verbs

Click here to watch the lesson video with Miss Griffiths.

For more information about modal verbs, have a look at

Play a Modal Verbs game at 

Try the Modal Verb quiz at



Make a sign or poster with a message for the rest of the class. Send them to Miss Griffiths and she will share them on the home learning site so the rest of the class can see them.


Science – plant life cycles

Plant life cycles lesson (with videos and tasks) – you may want to study some of the fruit in your house as part of this lesson.