Monday 16th November

by 15 Nov 2020Year 5

Here are the resources for today’s lessons. For an overview of the day and the lessons, have a look at this week’s home learning timetable.

Maths – multiples





Blurbs are the text on the back cover of a book, which are written to give a glimpse into the story, to convince people to buy and read the book.

Examples of blurbs

Look at the examples of blurbs – for each:

  • predict what you think will happen in the story
  • explain what type of story you think it is
  • explain if you think this is a good blurb or not


English – What are haiku poems?

Click here to go through the lesson PowerPoint

Create a poster explaining the rule of haikus (click here for an example).


PSHE – My strengths

We all have different strengths and it’s great to be proud of our strengths. Make a list of your strengths (this sheet may give you some ideas).


Science – seed dispersal

Open the lesson PowerPoint for information, videos and an experiment you can try at home: Seed dispersal lesson