Ideas for Tuesday’s English

by 10 Nov 2020Year 5

Here are some ideas for Tuesday’s English work (planning a report about Beowulf) – though I’m sure you can think of better vocabulary and descriptive phrases to use!


  • handsome
  • tall
  • strong
  • beard
  • wears armour


  • brave
  • loyal
  • caring

Fight with Grendel

  • a fierce battle
  • Beowulf won
  • he didn’t use weapons
  • he pulled off Grendel’s arm

Why he came

  • Beowulf is a Geat prince, but he heard the news about Grendel
  • the Danes were old allies, so he wanted to help
  • he came to help, even though hi family begged him not to


For more ideas and video summaries of the story, have a look at