Friday 13th November 2020

by 12 Nov 2020Year 5

Here are the resources for today’s lessons. For an overview of the day and the lessons, have a look at this week’s home learning timetable. You are welcome to send photos of any work to me – I will create an online display of our work so that we can share it with the rest of class.

Maths – timetables



Miss Griffiths’ answers explanation video



Spend some time reading aloud to someone in your home. Think about your use of expression (especially for speech).

Here are some questions that the person you’re reading to can ask.


English – conjunctions

We looked at conjunctions briefly before half term, so today we’ll be practising using them in sentences.

For a recap on subordinating conjunctions, visit

Complete Quiz 1 at

Complete Quiz 2 at

Click here to watch Miss Griffiths’ video, which models and explains your task.

Conjunctions (also known as ‘connectives’) word mat


PSHE – Make a spider diagram of all the things you are thankful for (the Children in Need video below may give you some ideas).


Children in Need

Here are some activities to choose from to mark ‘Children in Need’ day (but you may have your own ideas of what you’d like to do at home):

Children in Need information PowerPoint

Children in Need acrostic poem ideas

Children in Need Mental Maths code-breakers: purple, green, blue

Children in Need written calculations code-breakers: purple, green, blue


Green Time!

I am so very proud of you all! You all deserve a Green Time treat for working so hard this week. Talk to your parents about what you’d like to do.