Week 8: 01.03.21

by 25 Feb 2021Year 4

Hello Y4!

Welcome to our final, long awaited, last week of home-learning! We cannot wait to have you back at school on March the 8th and we hope you enjoy this week’s learning in the knowledge that it will both help prepare you to return to school and be the last lessons you have to attempt from the comfort of your own home! You have worked really hard over the last few weeks and we want you to know how proud we are of those children who have engaged in TEAMs and sent in work. 5 home-school days to go…

Here are your home learning resources for Week 8: 01.03 2021.

Thank you for the fantastic work you have done so far and all you do this week. You are truly creative, resilient and brave!

This week, Mrs Mitchell  will be leading the home learning and she can be contacted on amitchell@ashgreenprimary.co.uk should you have any queries and to send in your work.

Please remember to send us just ONE piece of work this week so that we can give you feedback.

  • Wednesday Reading States of Matter Comprehension task.

Weekly Timetable to view


Spellings see spelling shed week 20:  The suffix – ion 

Maths: Recap Subtract fractions Video: PowerPoint  worksheet  answers

Reading: Chapter 9 of History Hackers – Question task.

Writing: In Teams you will be exploring ‘what makes a good diary entry: TASK for after teams.

P4C: Understanding Stereotypes: VIDEO

PE: Youth Sport Trust ideas Space adventure – Video      and    explanation of task

Standing long jump video   and   explanation of task


Maths: Subtract fractions Video   PowerPoint  tasks  answers 

Reading: Complete yesterday’s reading task questions.

Writing: Formal and Informal Language – Video    –   Tasks Sheet

PHSE: Video – all about Communities and how to look after them.

Science: PowerPoint  Video Links (Including Model Task)


Maths: Subtract fractions from whole amounts Video   PowerPoint  tasks  answers

Reading: Read and complete the states of Matter Reading Comprehension: THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO SEND IN TO YOUR TEACHER! 

Writing: Look at the picture stimulus and use the planning guide to write a plan for your ‘amazing day at school’ diary entry.

PHSE: Follow the link to learn about roles and responsibilities. In this lesson, you will explore the roles and responsibilities that you, as a citizen, have in your community. You will then create a video that outlines your role, alongside the main responsibilities you have.

Topic: In what ways did life in Britain remain the same after the Roman invasion?

In this lesson we will learn about the different ways in which life in Britain remained the same after the Roman invasion. We will begin by looking at how normal life continued for many people in Britain and then look at how the invasion changed the lives of the rich. Finally, we will explore how the Roman invasion continues to impact us today.  VIDEO LESSON


Maths: Fractions of set amounts Video   PowerPoint   tasks answers


Watch this video about the book: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse

Charlie uses his messages in the book to help support people –watch this second link to see how his book has been used to help people like you.

HAVE a look at the PowerPoint and questions about the images and messages in the book (TASK 1) Your teacher will look at this in TEAMS.

Video links of people reading the book: 

Writing:  As it is world book day, we have given you extra time to enjoy exploring the book, The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse – please use this extra time to explore the questions from reading fully and record your answers in your book.

ART: Create your own page of the book using your favourite inspirational phrase and an image in the same style: TASK 2 from the Reading and English work this morning.

Video link showing the characters close up.

Video link – how to draw a horse

PSHE: Follow the link to learn about groups who help the community. In today’s lesson, you will be able to recognise the different groups that make up and contribute to a community.  Recap QUIZ      TASK


Maths: Fractions of set amounts Video   PowerPoint  tasks  answers

Reading: Listen to Chapter 6 Thieves of Ostia.

Writing:  Write your diary entry today and use the structure guide to help you if you need it. make your day as exciting as possible and include lots of informal language, exaggeration, emotions and time conjunctions/ fronted adverbials.

PSHE: Follow the link to learn about groups who help the local community. In this lesson, you will be able to identify the people who help the local community. You will write a letter thanking them for their help. Recap quiz  VIDEO

MusicDrum workshop session – Watch the video of Mr Bennett explaining the basic beats of drumming. Make your own drum kit (instructions in the video) and join in!

Green time reward !