Week 7 Home Learning 22.2.21

by 11 Feb 2021Year 4

Welcome back Year 4! We hope you’ve had a really lovely half term.

Here are your home learning resources for Week 7: 22nd February 2021.

Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing and all your contributions on Teams. You are truly amazing! This week, Miss Jarvie will be leading the home learning and she can be contacted on jjarvie@ashgreenprimary.co.uk should you have any queries and to send in your work.

Please remember to send me just ONE piece of work this week so that I can give you feedback.

  • Wednesday writing – emotive language sentences.


Weekly Timetable


Spellings see spelling shed: List 19: The “au” digraph

Writing: Features of a persuasive letter

Reading: Chapter 8 History Hackers and Task.

Maths:     Equivalent fractions Video

Powerpoint   Worksheet   Answers

P4C: Meet Marley the therapy dogVideo

PE: Obstacle course video   Task      Move to the beat video   Task


Writing: Comparatives and Superlatives video 1  Video 2

Task sheet

Reading: Building roads to conquer Text


Maths:  Fractions greater than 1 Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet  Answers

PHSE: Personal qualities.


Science: Properties of gases.

Activity worksheet and model answer.

BBC Bitesize clip


Writing: We will be covering emotive language in TEAMS. Complete this task after the TEAMS meeting.

Reading: Ancient Rome text

VIPERS Ancient Rome task.

Maths:     Count in fractions Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet  Answers

PHSE: Qualities in a friend.


Topic: How did the Romans change Britain video with tasks.



Writing: Brainstorm arguments for why the Government should let children come back to school. We will talk about this in TEAMs. Come with your ideas please.

Reading: Dash’s classroom task.

Maths:     Recap Adding fractions Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet  Answers

PHSE: Do I have these skills.


Music: Watch the videos of Mr Bennett explaining the task for this week. The first two videos are demonstrating the different parts of the song blended together and the final video explains the software.

Explanation and Song 1 – Ed Sheeran – Photograph

Song 2 – Stereophonics – Dakota


Website – Get started | Learning Music (Beta) (ableton.com)


Writing: Write your persuasive letter. Plan and Writing guide

Reading: Listen to Chapter 5 Thieves of Ostia

Maths:     Add 2 or more fractions Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet  Answers

Topic: Roman names and Roads powerpoint.   Task

Green time reward !