Week 5 Home Learning 1.2.21

by 29 Jan 2021Year 4

Hello Year 4!

Here are your home learning resources for Week 5 : 1st February 2021.

Thank you for all your contributions to our Teams lessons and the lovely examples of work you are sending in which Miss Jarvie and I have really enjoyed looking at. You must know how very proud we are of you all.

This week, Miss Jarvie will be leading the home learning and she can be contacted on jjarvie@ashgreenprimary.co.uk should you have queries and to send in your work.

Please remember to send me just TWO pieces of work this week so that we can give you feedback.

-Wednesday writing task: Conjunctions.

-Thursday reading task: A picture paints a thousand words.

For Maths, again this week we will follow the White Rose video, presentation and worksheet. Remember, the first two pages of your worksheet are fluency (practising number facts) and the last two pages are problem solving or reasoning questions. Please WRITE the answers to the questions in your books  with your working out. We will also look at bus-stop division in our Teams sessions so don’t panic if you find this a bit tricky at first. We are starting a new topic, Area. Below is a help sheet to support.

Year 4 Area : Knowledge Help Sheet

Please see our timetable and video below. Then scroll down by the day for links to the resources. Have a fabulous week.

Weekly Timetable

Timetable Video part 1    Video part 2


Spellings see Spelling Shed. List 17: The suffix ‘-ous.’

Writing: Find features of a non-chronological text video input

Monday task     Text enlarged     An Easier Text enlarged 

Non-chronological report help mat

Reading:  Scroll down and read Chapter 5.

Maths: What is area?  Video  Powerpoint   Worksheet   Answers

P4C The Thief: a story about compassion

Video clip

See if you can do something to help other children clip

PE Yoga Cosmic Kids


Writing:  Fact or Opinion? Video input

Sort sentences into facts and opinion task

Reading: History Hackers Chapter 6 reading and tasks

Maths:   Area. Counting Squares Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet     Answers

PHSE: Sort the thoughts

Science: Comparing ice and other frozen liquids

Activity worksheet and model answer

BBC Bitesize Clip

Science Fun at Home melting ice experiment clip


Writing:  Using conjunctions video input

Using conjunctions task

Reading: Crazy Frog reading task

Maths:   Area. Making Shapes Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet     Answers

PHSE: Just a thought

RE: Follow rules in everyday life lesson and quiz


Writing: Sort information into sub-headings video input

Sort information into sub-heading task

Reading: A picture paints a thousand words

Maths:   Comparing Area Video   Powerpoint

Worksheet     Answers

PHSE: Thoughts vs Feelings

Music: Pitch features of software video input

Lesson 2 with Mr Bennett


Writing: Planning for a non-chronological report weblinks

Reading: Thieves of Ostia Chapter 3

Maths:   Area challenges and Extra challenges.

PHSE: A thought superhero

Thought superhero activity

Well earned Green Time