Week 3 Home Learning 18.1.21

by 13 Jan 2021Year 4

Hello everyone, hope you are all safe. It has been so lovely to see you all on Teams last week and we are incredibly impressed and proud of the work you have been doing.

Here are your home learning resources for Week 3 : 18th January 2021.

This week you will find many video links for you to access the Teaching of lessons. As you listen to these, pause them if you are instructed to have a go at an activity or make notes.

For Maths, we will follow the White Rose video, presentation and worksheet. Remember, the first two pages of your worksheet are fluency (practising number facts) and the last two pages are problem solving or reasoning questions. Please do not worry if you are not able to complete all the problems. We can always talk through some in our smaller group sessions. This week, we have also included some extra challenges to practise GRID and SHORT Multiplication. You can work on these at any time. Please don’t worry if you don’t complete them all. Grid and Short Multiplication questions

Please remember to send me just TWO pieces of work this week so that we can give you some feedback.

  • Science classify venn diagram worksheet.
  • Slave or soldier character description.

This week Mrs Mitchell will be in the classroom and Miss Jarvie will teaching on Teams and your contact for remote learning queries jjarvie@ashgreenprimary.co.uk

Please see your Teams session times on the Weekly timetable.

Timetable talk through part 1      Timetable talk through part 2

Weekly Timetable

Spellings for this week


English: Starter activity

English: What makes a good character description

Reading: Session 1 Chapter 3

Maths: Written Methods Video

Powerpoint   Worksheet   Answers

P4C video link and powerpoint Brothers at the Wishing Well



English: Features of a character description

English: Tuesday text to read and highlight

Reading: Session 2 Questions after reading Chapter 3

Maths: Recap Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit Video

Powerpoint   Worksheet    Answers

PHSE  PHSE slides

Science: Introduction to solids, liquids and gases. Lesson information and Tasks

Science Video link 1

Science Video link 2

Science Video link 3

Science Video link 4

Science worksheet with model example


English: Models of adverbials in sentences

Reading: Vocabulary and description

Maths: Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit Video

Powerpoint  Worksheet    Answers

PHSE  PHSE slides

Confidently Unique

Topic: Compare a Modern Soldier with a Roman Soldier


Battle formations

Army organisation


Today in teams we will be brainstorming the character description focusing on fronted adverbials- due to this there is no video today but if you cannot make the teams meeting please don’t panic – simply have a go at describing your character’s features (hair/eyes/skin/ body/ clothes) using fronted adverbials for almost every sentence!

English: Thursday and Friday helpsheet 

Reading: Session 4 Review Questions Chapters 1 to 3


Maths: Multiply 3 digits by 1 digit Video

Powerpoint  Worksheet    Answers

PHSE  PHSE slides

Confidently Unique

Unique scenario cards

Art Roman Mosaic Powerpoint

Roman Mosaic Colouring


Today in our Teams meeting, we will be looking at simile in more detail – looking at what makes a good simile and how to turn these into metaphors.

English: Thursday and Friday helpsheet

Reading: Chapter 1 Thieves of Ostia 

Maths: see models below. These are questions to practise GRID and SHORT Multiplication.

You can work on these at any time during the week if you get chance and today. Grid and Short Multiplication questions

PHSE  PHSE slides

Celebrating me


MATHS Grid Method and Short Multiplication Models Models

MATHS Video Models Grid Multiplication

2 digit x 1 digit Video Model

3 digit x 1 digit  Video Model

MATHS Video Model Short Multiplication  Video Model