Week 2 Home Learning 11.1.21

by 7 Jan 2021Year 4

Hi Y4 – Welcome to our second week of home learning!

This week we would like you to send in to Mrs Mitchell some samples of your work which we can look at and give you some feedback on.

Please send us your:

  • Primary and secondary sources Venn diagram or table
  • Multiplying 3 numbers activity
  • You history challenge card reading activity
  • Your P4C poster from Friday

Have a wonderful week and we will speak to you all soon!

Mrs Mitchell, Miss Jarvie and Mrs Cooper

Timetable paper copy

The paper copy of the timetable also has copies of the worksheets/ spellings/ P4C

Timetable Video

Writing and topic PPT

Shades of meaning 

Fronted adverbials

History Hackers Chapter 2 Video

Instruction Video for shades of meaning

Sources of evidence

Roman equipment

Soldier labelling


Wider Curriculum Wednesday Thursday and Friday

Reading Activities: Wednesday Thursday Friday

Fronted Adverbial P4C weblink

P4C Talking Points booklet with links

11 and 12 times tables activities

Demonstration Video 11 and 12 times table

Powerpoint presentation



Multiplying 3 numbers

Demonstration Video multiplying 3 numbers

Powerpoint presentation



Factor Pairs

Demonstration Video Factor Pairs

Powerpoint presentation



Efficient multiplication

Demonstration Video Efficient Multiplication

Powerpoint presentation



Written Methods of Multiplication Models

Grid Multiplication

2 digit x 1 digit

Video model 1

Video model 2

Short Multiplication

Video model 3

Place Value Code Crackers

Worksheet and Answers