Week 6 Home-Learning 08.02.21

by 4 Feb 2021Year 4

Hello Year 4, 

Welcome to another exciting week of home-learning!  You are all so amazing and are putting so much effort into your work! Please keep sending us examples of your writing, maths etc. as we really do love giving you feedback and seeing how much you are achieving at such a difficult time. There is only one more week until half term so remember to stay focused, keep engaging on TEAMS and keep being the super stars we know you are! This week, all of the home learning is organised below into the days of the week.

Please remember to send me just TWO pieces of work this week so that we can give you feedback.

-Wednesday writing task.

-Friday Esafety poster.

All our love and best wishes,

Your Year 4 Team! xxx

Image result for one more week to go!Image result for one more week to go!Image result for one more week to go!



Time-Table Paper Copy

Extra Maths Videos to introduce FRACTIONS!

What is a fraction?              Halves and Fourths (Quarters)                   Equivalent fractions


PE- Joe Wicks

Mental Maths – Rockstars

Maths- Unit and non unit fractions   Video Starter task- True or False Main task worksheet   Answers


Reading Chapter 7 History Hackers and Task

English task VIDEO – writing an opening paragraph

COMPUTING : Safer Internet Day Video Assembly

PE- Youth Sport Trust ideasKitchen curling



Inside out





PE- Joe Wicks

Mental Maths – Rockstars  

Maths – What is a fraction? Video    Starter task- True or False   Main task – worksheet    Answers

Reading Task – Find the Verbs

English Task- VIDEO – Writing main paragraphs

PSHE video link

Discussion questions:

  • What did the video teach you?
  • What should you do before sharing anything online?

What can you do to keep your login details private?

SCIENCE:  Boiling and Evaporation  Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint and watch video link.

Activity: To investigate how quickly water evaporates from different sized containers.  See extension activities.



PE- Joe Wicks

Mental Maths – Rockstars  

Maths- Recap equivalent fractions 1 Video Starter task – True or False  Main task- worksheet   Answers

Reading Task – VIPERS

English Task VIDEO – Writing a concluding paragraph

PSHE – Game Learn and play by trying this online game, based on yesterday’s video

RE Rules Rule https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/rules-rule-6rrpcc?from_query=golden+rule

Children will be looking at safety signs outside and know their importance. Laws will be explored and children will watch a police officer being interviewed. They will end the lesson by creating their own rules!



PE- Joe Wicks

Mental Maths – Rockstars  

Maths – Recap equivalent fractions 2  Video  Starter task – True or False  Main maths- worksheet   Answers

Reading Tasks- The Boy and The Piano


English – PPT – Improving your paragraphs

PSHE: Complete each question and decide: if it’s ok to share, it depends or not ok to share. Look at Ellie’s support circle. Draw your own support circle. Activity

Run a mile around your garden! If you have a smart watch you can check your distance!

MUSIC: Watch the two videos of Mr Bennett working through the chapters on ‘Chords’ and ‘Basslines’. Work through the software at  https://learningmusic.ableton.com/index.html (click the symbol in the top left and choose the ‘Chords and Basslines’ chapter).

Video 1 – Instruments

Video 2 – The software



PE- Joe Wicks

Mental Maths – Rockstars  

Maths- Equivalent fractions 3  Video  Starter task – True or False  Main maths – worksheet  Answers

Reading Link to Thieves of Ostia Chapter

English – Apostrophe Quiz!

COMPUTING –  Log onto Purple Mash. Complete Purple Mash E safety “To do” activities.

  • Make a persuasive poster that teaches children how to stay safe on-line. See poster ideas.

Chinese New Year activities: (choose any you’d like to try)