Year 3 Home Learning wc 8th February 2021

by 7 Feb 2021Year 3

Hello to Y3 children, parents and carers,

welcome to our final week of this half term.  We have all had a very busy half term, including the children, parents, grandparents and carers.  Have a look through our timetable for this week and the new layout of the Home Learning page.  This change has now been implemented across school.. You will probably agree that the new layout is so much easier to follow.  Each lesson is now listed under the day they are taking place.  There is a special end of term treat for everyone on Friday.  Apart from the TT Rockstar and spelling test, we will be learning about the Chinese New Year.  We have planned a few craft / art activities for you, and we are already looking forward to seeing the photos of your creations.

Whilst the worksheets for most activities have been included, we would like to re-iterate that there is no need to print any of these off.  Answers written in the Home Learning books will suffice.

Miss Bullock will be back on Teams and remote learning this week.  All enquiries and two work submissions should be send to

Thank you for your support, hard work and commitment during these past 6 week.  We could not have done this journey without your support and fully appreciate the sacrifices you as parents, grandparents and carers had to make during this period.  All that remains to be said is, enjoy your half term when it finally arrives.

Once again, huge thanks to you all and best wishes from,

Miss Bullock, Miss Zimmer and the wider Year 3 team.

Timetable for week commencing 8th February 2021 


TT Rockstars 

PE with Joe Wicks

Spellingssee Spelling ShedList 15: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ey’

Maths –

How many ways? – video input

worksheet and answers

Reading – Read the extract of chapter 2 – read up to page 23 – stop after “He went back to the workshop feeling heavy-hearted.”

The Firework Maker’s Daughter

Writing – Find features of an adventure story video 

Monday task                       Text enlarged  

Annotation answers

PSHE and Wellbeing – Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by all the things going on around us.  When we feel like this, it helps to focus on the little things in life that can make us forget everything and enjoy the moment.

Enjoy The Little Things activity 

British Values – DemocracyAncient Greek Democracy

Ancient Greek Democracy Name Card            Comparing Ancient Greek Democracy


TT Rockstars 

PE Indoor Recess 1 

Maths – End of Unit assessment    – please note that there is no video today – e-mail your assessment to 

assessment              answers

Spellings – see Spelling ShedList 15: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ey’

Reading – VIPERS – refer to yesterday’s text to complete the VIPERS 

VIPERS video


English – use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech

Video of PDF Presentation              PDF Presentation


PSHE & Wellbeing – Reflecting on how we feel and our thoughts helps our wellbeing when we feel anxious or nervous.  This can stop us from growing.

Keep on Growing 

Safer Internet Day – “Together for a better Internet”

BBC Live Lesson at 11am


TT Rockstars

PE with Joe Wicks

Maths – Spring Block 2 – Money

Count money and pence video

worksheet                 answers

Spellings – see Spelling ShedList 15: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ey’

Reading – Emphasises with characters’ motives and behaviour

Reading task 

English – Planning 

Input presentation 

Planning frame

PSHE & Wellbeing – Spending time being creative will help calm your mind and thoughts

Create your own garden

P4C – A village relies on water for its fish, but upstream, the farmers need it for their land. Who can lay claim
to the water?

Read the second page of the document.  Think carefully about the dilemma before deciding who should claim the water.  This will link closely to today’s reading of emphasising with characters’ motives and behaviour.  Write your thoughts and ideas into your Home Learning book.

Rivers – The Water Catcher


PE – Indoor Recess 2

Maths – Count money – Pound

Count Money – Pounds  and pence

worksheet                   answers 

Spellings – see Spelling ShedList 15: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ey’

Reading – Can deduce from the text what has happened or what has taken place

Reading task 

English – Today, you will be writing your story. Use yesterday’s planning note to help you with this.  Please submit your story to 

writing model video – to follow

Adverbs, adjectives, verbs and sentence openers prompt sheet 

Sentence Starters

Adventure story word mat

PSHE & Wellbeing – Listening to music can have a huge benefit to our mental wellbeing.  Certain songs and those you enjoy can help lift your mood and make you feel happy.

Music is a magic key

RE – What do Christians celebrate at Easter? 

What is Easter? – BBC Bitesize

Create a spider diagram to note the main points of why Christians celebrate Easter.  Once you have done this, add what Easter means to you to the spider diagram.

Friday – Chinese New Year activities

TT Rockstars 

Spelling Test – see Spelling ShedList 15: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ey’

Chinese New Year – An introduction to the Chinese New Year

PE with Joe Wicks

Make a Chinese Lantern

Make a Handprint Dragon instructions

Dragon’s head and tail cut out


Chinese New Year – extra bits from Miss Bullock

Year of the Ox Reading

Code Breaker Maths



Have a great half term.  We are already looking forward to hearing all about your break.