Y3 Home Learning 1-5th Feb

by 31 Jan 2021Year 3

A warm welcome to all children, parents and carers,

Welcome to February and how quickly has January come and gone?  We hope that you are all keeping well as well as staying safe.  Over the course of this past month, we often said how proud we are of your children’s learning.  Not a day goes by where we aren’t amazed at children’s attitude toward their learning journey.  When we thought, your children couldn’t possibly do any better, they come up trumps and take us by surprise again.  A huge thank you to all parents, grandparents and carers for your continued support.  Without your help and support, our job would be so much harder.

Please have a look at the Year 3 timetable for next week.  During Miss Bullock’s absence, please forward any queries and homework tasks to Miss Zimmer at bzimmer@ashgreenprimary.co.uk

Homework tasks for next week are

Reading – making a prediction – Monday

Character inside/out notes – Wednesday

Homework should be submitted by Friday at 12noon.  We appreciate that there are times when this deadline cannot be met, but please let us know if we can help at all with any aspects of your child’s learning.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes for the week ahead from your Year 3 team.

The Home Learning page for Year 3 is currently being updated.

Timetable week commencing 1st February 2021 

Timetable video to follow

TimesTables Rockstars 



Monday – The Body Coach TV – YouTube

Tuesday – Street Dance

Wednesday – The Body Coach TV – YouTube

Thursday – Street Dance 

Friday – The Body Coach TV – YouTube


Spellings – the long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ei’ 

Spelling Shed

see below for paper copies of alternative activities

Activity 1 

Activity 2 

Activity 3 



Monday – Dividing a 2-digit number by 1-digit (2)

Monday starter activity – Flashback worksheet and answers

Monday worksheet and answers


Tuesday – Activity Divide 100 into 2, 4, 5 and 10 equal parts – please note that this is a practical activity

Tuesday – Starter Activity – Flashback worksheet and answers
Wednesday – Divide with remainders – please note that this is a practical activity
Wednesday – Starter Activity – Flashback worksheet and answers 
Thursday – divide 2-digit by 1-digit (3)
Thursday – Starter Activity – Flashback worksheet and answers 
Thursday worksheet and answers
Friday – scaling
Friday – Starter Activity – Flashback worksheet and answers
Friday worksheet and answers
Please submit your prediction to  bzimmer@ashgreenprimary.co.uk 
Tuesday – The Tunnel 
Wednesday – extension task 

Thursday – adaptation of fairy tales 

Friday – identify themes to create mood and tension 


Monday – lesson presentation

Monday – link to the BBC website – How are commas used in a list?   

List sentences  task

Tuesday – 2-pair sentences

2-pair sentences task 

Wednesday – character inside / out

Character inside  / out task

Please submit your character inside / out to bzimmer@ashgreenprimary.co.uk 

Thursday – planning a character description

Planning a character description task

Friday – writing a character description

Writing a character description task 


PSHE / Wellbeing wc 1st to 7th February 2021 

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week.  Have a look at some of the activities we have planned for you.

Monday – Mindfulness for Mental Health

Cloud Relaxation Activity

Tuesday –  Mindfulness Balloons

Wednesday – Mindfulness Doodling

Mindfulness Doodling – adult guidance

Mindfulness Doodling – children’s activity

Thursday – pick a card and focus on that activity.  You can repeat this throughout the week.

Mindfulness mini-break cards

Friday – ask an adult or older sibling to read some of the steps out to you as it will give you the chance to fully focus on your breathing.

Mindful Breathing with Teddy


Science – Lesson 3 – growing conditions

Growing conditions 


Art – create a piece of art using a technique Stephanie Peters used. 


French – What’s your name?

Remember to put the PowerPoint into Slide Show mode as this will enable you to listen to the pronunciations.

Lesson Presentation

Sound Files 


Geography – Earthquakes

Today, we would like you to watch the BBC Bitesize clip and work through the lesson presentation.  Once you have done this, study the map to find out where Earthquakes happen.  Write these in a list in your home learning book.  Then, create a poster of how to stay save during an Earthquake.

Earthquakes – BBC Bitesize

Lesson Presentation 

Where Do Earthquakes Happen | DK Find Out