w.c. 25th January 2021 – Year 3 Home Learning

by 18 Jan 2021Year 3

Hi Year 3 and parents! We are now onto week 4 of remote learning!

This page is where you will find all you need for your home learning.

Below is a copy of the timetable and a video of Miss Bullock talking through it. All the resources for each lesson is listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book.

Please remember to send just TWO pieces of work by Friday at 12pm so that we can give feedback.

  • Your reading answers from Wednesday
  • Your River Thames fact file from Monday

Parents can take a photo/scan and send to Miss Zimmer at bzimmer@ashgreenprimary.co.uk

Timetable w.c. 25th January 2021


Challenges: Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions for Multiplication and Division

Monday 25th January Worksheet and Answers

Tuesday 26th January Worksheet and Answers

Wednesday 27th January Worksheet and Answers

Thursday 28th January Worksheet and Answers

Friday 29th January Worksheet and Answers



This week I have done a video input for each English lesson – these are all below and in order.

English – Non-chorological Reports



For each Reading lesson there is a PDF PowerPoint to work through – these include the text and questions.

Monday – Read the text

Tuesday – VIPERS questions

Wednesday – Morals

Thursday – Making comparisons

The Stinky Cheese Man Story


PSHE & Wellbeing

Mighty Monday

Thoughtful Tuesday

Wishes Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Friendly Friday


Monday – British Values

This week we are exploring a famous British River as part of our exploration of ‘Britishness’.

Read the information PowerPoint and then create an eye-catching fact file based on the River Thames. There are also some extra challenges on the last slide to extend your learning further!

River Thames Information PowerPoint and Activity


Tuesday – P4C (Philosophy for Children)

Start the session with a listening and calming exercise. Relax and take control of your thoughts.

Today’s P4C stimulus is a PIXAR short called ‘For the Birds’. Watch the stimulus then think about the questions below.

Possible Questions for Enquiry – look at just one or more if you’d like

Is it better to be different or the same as everyone else?

  • It is important to stay true to yourself and who you are even if this means being different
  • Difference makes the world a more exciting place
  • Having similarities makes it easier to make friends

How would you feel if someone made fun of the way you look?

Why do some birds/children leave other birds/children out?


Wednesday – History

During our last topic (The Victorians) we created lots of timelines, including Queen Victoria’s Life and Victorian Inventions.

Can you use your prior learning and knowledge of timelines to create your own based on volcanic eruptions?

Do some of your own research and use a maximum of 10 eruptions in your timeline.

Volcanoes – timeline — Science Learning Hub

The 11 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions in History | Live Science

The top five biggest volcanic eruptions – CBBC Newsround

Volcanic eruption Facts for Kids (kiddle.co)


Thursday – Design Technology

Today’s lesson is a BBC Bitesize lesson – The food groups – BBC Bitesize

Read the information, watch the video and have a go at the mini quiz.

Challenge: Can you create a healthy balanced meal that includes all the five food groups?