Year 1 – Remote Learning – WC 08/02/21

by 5 Feb 2021Year 1

Hello Year 1 and parents! This page is where you will find all that you need for your home learning.




Small group TEAMS calls will occur straight after whole group calls; Mr Wignall/Miss Hussain will ask certain children to remain on the call. These children must stay on the whole group call whilst all other teams have left and the small group session will begin.  For example; Monday’s Year 1 TEAMS call: 10.30am-11am, at 11am- specific children will stay on with Miss Hussain/Mr Wignall whilst the rest of the year group leave the call.

We will use the Teams meeting to go through the writing lessons for the week.

  • *Please send any Writing evidence in (to the remote teacher) by Friday please so we can log it and file it*


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Overview:  Week 6 Timetable –  Talk through 

Above is a copy of the timetable. All the resources for each day are listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book. Alternatively, If you would like to print the worksheets, you could stick them into your home learning book. If you want to share your work and get feedback this week, ask your parent to email a photo/scan to Miss Hussain at

For Maths, we are focusing on counting in 2’s and 5’s and moving onto measurements. Please find the videos and worksheets below. You can answer the questions in your Home Learning book if you prefer or print the work sheet. PLEASE NOTE: There is a link to the video on the 1st page of the power point.

Please find some great resources to explore below;

For English, we have written some fantastic non-chonological reports on Peru and the ones we have seen have been amazing! I hope it has taught some important research skills as well as writing skills. For the final week we are going to do another report on London. So for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will be repeating the sequence of research, plan and write for our new report. We hope that for this report the children will be a bit more independent as this is a key skill we are looking for. Encourage the children to use their phonics, grab the sounds and write them down. We cant wait to see the final reports!

Reading: This week we are looking at Chinese new year!

Spellings for this week can be accessed on Spelling Shed. Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings on Friday.

We are moving onto week 5 of the spellings.

Group 1: Year 1 spellings group 1

blew chew grew screw goes heroes potatoes Paul launch haunted

Group 2: Year 1 spellings Group 2

hammer  letter  rocker  ladder  supper  boxer  better  summer  banner

Some extra phonics help and fun website links:

I have found this great guide to phonics which you may like to read.

‘PhonicsPlay’ is a great resource for you to teach and share phonics at home. They are offering free access during this period.

Username: march20 Password:home

These are some great reading resources to look at if you have time:

PE- Monday and Thursday

This week Miss Hussain is the remote learner teacher so please contact her for any queries at


Monday: (Teams call- 10.30am – 11am)

Maths – L.O: I can count in 2’s

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Video Lesson link – 

Phonics: ‘oe’ Sound – Work your way through the PowerPoint and complete the activity.

English:  This week we are going to be continuing on with non-chronological reports.

LO: I can recap the features of a Non-chronological report

Have a look back at the features we learnt last week. Can you remember them?

Fill out the work sheet and start gathering the facts about London.

Use this site to help you out with the research.

London, England – Facts about London for Kids (

Reading: LO: I can talk about main points and favorite parts of a story.

A Fox and a Mouse CGI 3D Animated Short

Give the children a minute to have quiet reflection about the story.

Discuss words like animation, characters and setting.

Discuss the story and answer the questions.

Tuesday – Teams call – 9.45 – 10.15

Maths – L.O: I can count in 5’s

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Tuesday video lesson link —

Phonics: ‘wh’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity.

English: LO: I can plan a report about London

Just like with our reports on Peru, we need to plan it first. How can we find out the information? How can we research the city of London? Use books, experts or the internet to find out some interesting information about London and complete the worksheet.

Reading – LO: I can talk about how a poem makes me feel.

Read the Chinese new year poem and answer the questions.

RE: Read the story about the mouse and the lion. Discuss this story with a grown up. Is is about friendship, forgiveness or kindness? Could it be trying to teach us something about how we treat others?

Use the worksheet to sequence the story and answer the questions.

RE: Read the story ‘The Lion and the Mouse’ and discuss the story with the children. What happened? What was the story about? Discuss the actions of the animals? Was the story trying to teach us something? Maybe about kindness, forgiveness, helping others or anything else?

Sequence the story and answer the questions.

Wednesday – Teams call – 11.45 – 12.05

Maths – Place Value – L.O: I can count in 2’s and 5’s

Practice counting in 2’s and 5’s using pasta, coins or anything you can find.

Play these board games to practice this counting.

Phonics: ‘ph’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint  and complete the activity

English:  LO: I can independently write a report about London.

Use you plans from yesterday to write your report on London. Start with the title. Then maybe a heading and sub-heading. Use your plan and turn that information into nice interesting sentences. Keep the sentences short with maybe one ‘and’.

Does a good report have some nice pictures? With captions?

Use our template or produce your own and we cant wait to see the reports you produce!

Reading: LO: I can tell how a poem creates different moods

Tuesdays and Wednesdays work

RE: I know that on Friday nights, Jews have a special family celebration called Shabbat. Challah bread is eaten and wine is drunk from a Kiddush cup. Candles are lit and the mother says a special prayer.

Watch this clip about Shabbat. Complete the worksheet and see if you can learn about all of the different items Jewish people use during Shabbat.

Feel free to draw some lovely Shabbat related pictures too.

Thursday – Teams call – 2.45 – 3.15

Maths – Place Value – L.O: Comparing Lengths and Height

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Thursday video lesson link – 

Phonics: recapping ‘ph’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity.

English: LO: I can practice my letter formation.

Reading: Read your favorite story.

What do you like to read and where?

Mr Wignall’s favourite story is The Gruffalo and i like to read on the beach!


Friday – Teams call – 2.10 – 2.40

Maths – Place Value – L.O: I can measure length

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Friday video lesson link –

Phonics: recapping all  the sounds from the week with Mr Wignall

English: Superhero Writing – You have worked so hard on the reports these past two weeks so you can now let your imagination run wild and go Super charged!

Write about your favorite Super Hero or create your own! Have fun!

Have a great week and please send us the reports on London and 1 other piece of work at least please?

We love to see your work and we always look at it and keep it. Thank you for all your hard work!