Year 1 – Remote Learning – WC 01/02/21

by 24 Jan 2021Year 1

Hello Year 1 and parents! This page is where you will find all that you need for your home learning.




Small group TEAMS calls will occur straight after whole group calls; Mr Wignall/Miss Hussain will ask certain children to remain on the call. These children must stay on the whole group call whilst all other teams have left and the small group session will begin.  For example; Monday’s Year 1 TEAMS call: 10.30am-11am, at 11am- specific children will stay on with Miss Hussain/Mr Wignall whilst the rest of the year group leave the call.



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Overview:  Week 5 Timetable –  Talk through (click the link and the PowerPoint should open, press the ‘slideshow’ tab and click ‘from beginning’ you should then hear the recording).


Above is a copy of the timetable. All the resources for each day are listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book. Alternatively, If you would like to print the worksheets, you could stick them into your home learning book. If you want to share your work and get feedback this week, ask your parent to email a photo/scan to Mr Wignall at:

For Maths, we are focusing on Place Value. Please find the videos and worksheets below. You can answer the questions in your Home Learning book if you prefer or print the work sheet. PLEASE NOTE: There is a link to the video on the 1st page of the power point.

Please find some great resources to explore below;

For English, we are focusing on writing a non-chronological reports. We are still exploring Paddington and so we will be writing a non-chronological report (fact file) about Peru. The PowerPoints for all lessons will be across two PowerPoint links. (1-3rd / 4-5th) – When looking at the work for the day, click on the link for the PowerPoint and only follow the slides for that day/lesson.

Reading: This week we are going to look at ‘The Great Fire of London’.

Spellings for this week can be accessed on Spelling Shed. Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings on Friday.

We are moving onto week 4 of the spellings.

Group 1: Year 1 spellings group 1

when  what  which  where  why  Phillip  phonics  dolphin  elephant  sphinx

Group 2: Year 1 spellings Group 2

sure  lure  insure  pure  cure  secure  manure  mature

Some extra phonics help and fun website links:

I have found this great guide to phonics which you may like to read.

‘PhonicsPlay’ is a great resource for you to teach and share phonics at home. They are offering free access during this period.

Username: march20 Password:home

These are some great reading resources to look at if you have time:

PE- Monday and Thursday

This week Mr Wignall is the remote learner teacher so please contact him for any queries at


Monday: (Teams call- 10.30am – 11am)

Maths – L.O: Represent numbers to 50

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Video Lesson link –

Phonics: ‘ew’ Sound – Work your way through the PowerPoint and complete the activity.

English:  This week we are going to be focusing on non-chronological reports.

LO: I can find the features of a non-chronological report (fact file).

  • Go through the PowerPoint for today.
  • Watch Miss Hussain’s video about the features of a report:
  • Complete the worksheet by choosing the correct labels.

Reading: LO: I can answer questions about the Great Fire of London. 

Open the PDF PowerPoint and go through the slides for today only, read through the recount on the slides and ask your child the questions.

Tuesday – Teams call – 9.45 – 10.15

Maths – L.O: One more one less

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Tuesday video lesson link —

Phonics: ‘aw’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity.

English: LO: I can decide whether something is fact or opinion.

Go through the PowerPoint for today and complete the worksheet.

Reading – LO: I can retrieve and infer from a recount.

  • Open the PowerPoint PDF and view the slide for today.
  • Re-cap previous session.
  • What happened to Thomas?
  • Can you retell the story?
  • How many children did Elizabeth wake?
  • Where is the answer in the text.  Ask child to highlight.  Explain that this is called ‘text marking’.  When answering questions we can copy the text to help us.
  • Complete the activity and questions on the sheet.

Geography – L.O: I can recognise signs of the different seasons.

Go through the PowerPoint  and learn about the 4 different seasons.

Draw a picture of our favourite season and write about why it is your favourite! (Miss Hussain’s favourite season is Summer, because it is sunny, she can go for lovely walks, have picnics and eat lots of ice-cream).

Wednesday – Teams call – 11.45 – 12.05

Maths – Place Value – L.O: Compare objects within 50

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Wednesday video link-

Phonics: ‘au’ Sound – Work your way through the PowerpointPDF and complete the activity

English:  LO: I can sort information into sub-headings.

Go through the PowerPoint for today and complete the worksheet.

Reading: LO: I can read and respond to a recount.

  • Open the PowerPoint PDF and view the slides for today.
  • Re-cap previous session.
  • What is a recount?
  • How can I recognize a recount?
  • What strategies can I use when I can understand a word?
  • What is text marking?  How is it useful? Re-cap importance of text marking.
  • Go through the seaside slide together.
  • Independently complete the “day at the beach” recount and answer the questions.

What will happen next? continue the story.

Geography: L.O: I know how to describe some physical and human features such as mountains, rivers, coasts/ busy – built up areas, crowded places – different types of buildings.

  • Play the PowerPoint from the beginning (click the link- click slideshow tab- click start from beginning- make sure your volume is on) and listen to Miss Hussain talk through the slides about Human and Physical features. Please do not edit the PowerPoint, if you need to download it- you can, and then open it from your documents.
  • You can stop the presentation when you need to and view it again from any slide. The activity is at the end of the presentation. Please complete in Home learning books.

Thursday – Teams call – 2.45 – 3.15

Maths – Place Value – L.O: Compare numbers within 50 

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Thursday video lesson link –

Phonics: recapping ‘ue’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity.

English: LO: I can plan a report on Peru.

Today and tomorrow we will be writing a report on Peru. So today, we need to work together to plan what we want to write. We will be using these plans for tomorrow to write the report.

Go through the PowerPoint slides for today and use the links to find information to fill in your plan.

Geography of Peru:

Nature and animals:

Interesting facts :

Reading: Read your favorite story.


Friday – Teams call – 2.10 – 2.40

Maths – Place Value – L.O: Order numbers within 50. 

Powerpoint – Worksheet – Answers

Friday video lesson link –

Phonics: recapping all  the sounds from the week with Miss Hussain.

English: I can write a report on Peru.

  • Go through the PowerPoint slides for today and look at the notes that Miss Hussain has made for each heading.
  • Watch Miss Hussain’s video for extra help:
  • Use the notes on the slides and your plan from yesterday to complete the report sheet. If you would like to write your own report from scratch in your home learning books- you can. This would be more independent and you can add your own pictures.

Don’t forget:

  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Capital letters
  • Check it makes sense
  • Use our phonics

We would love to see these pieces of writing so please do send them in to Miss Hussain and we will both look at them. We cant wait to see them.

Reading: Tell a grown up who your favorite character is from a book and why.



Good luck and do your best!

We love seeing the fantastic stuff you get up to and we miss you all.

Please send through a piece of Geography and the report writing on Peru through this week to Mr Wignall. We both look at the work that comes through and we keep it in a file safe and sound. You are doing amazing and we are very proud of you all.

Miss Hussain and Mr Wignall