Home Learning w/c 08.02.21

by 4 Feb 2021Reception

This week, Miss Bishop will be leading the teams sessions learning and laughing with you. She can be contacted on cbishop@ashgreenprimary.co.uk.

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful work that you have these last 6 weeks. You have been ace engaging with teams and the work set. We know that it’s not easy. We appreciate all that you are doing.

Enjoy this final week.

Stay safe.

Home Learning Timetable w/c 08.02.21


Maths- Growing 6, 7, 8! – Week 2 | White Rose Maths– session 4

Phonics- Nonsense word cards

Literacy- To listen to and respond to a story (thenational.academy)

Create your own story map for The Emperor’s New Clothes in Literacy today. Here are some labels you might want to add to yours: king, money, shocked, pants, tailor, clothes, proud, foolish

Understanding the World-

Chinese New Year pdf version

Children’s Music by Nancy Stewart – Song of the Month (nancymusic.com)


Maths- Growing 6, 7, 8! – Week 2 | White Rose Maths -session 5

Phonics- Tuesday’s Phonics PowerPoint

Literacy- To step and speak a story (thenational.academy)

In Literacy today, you are going to become storytellers and add actions to the story.

PSHE- Staying Safe on the Internet PowerPoint

Understanding the World/ Creative- Chinese and Lunar New Year – CBeebies – BBC

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Dragon template


Maths- Building 9 & 10 – Week 1 | White Rose Maths – session 1

Phonics- Wednesday’s Phonics PowerPoint/ task 1 task 2

Literacy- To act out and sing parts of a story (thenational.academy)

Today’s Literacy will involve drama and acting out a character. You could even turn one of your ideas into a sentence.

PSHE- Bubbles – THE LITERACY SHED/ PSHE ‘bubbles’ task


Letter formation


Maths- Building 9 & 10 – Week 1 | White Rose Maths – session 2

Phonics- Thursday’s Phonics PowerPoint/ task

Literacy- To roleplay a character (thenational.academy)

In Literacy today, you are going to try roleplaying a character using hot seating. You could write a thought or speech bubble. You could write a question that you would like to ask the emperor.


PSHE Number fan

PE- Chinese New Year Dancing PowerPoint Be sure to view this as a slideshow to see everything properly.


Maths- Building 9 & 10 – Week 1 | White Rose Maths– session 3

Phonics- Friday’s Phonics PowerPoint/  task

Literacy- To draw and describe a character (thenational.academy)

In the last session of Literacy on ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, you are going to draw write a sentence about a character.


PSHE Make an emoji task

ICT- Chinese Dragon Game – Ordering and Sequencing Numbers (topmarks.co.uk)

Bonus tasks/ activities:

Phonics sound mat

Chinese New Year- Year of the Ox Bookmarks

Numicon recognition maths PowerPoint- slideshow

RUBY’S CHINESE NEW YEAR Book Read Aloud | New Years Books for Kids | Children’s Books Read Aloud – YouTube