Nursery Home Learning 8th-12th February

by 3 Feb 2021Nursery

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the home learning activities last week. Thank you to those who sent photos , I am so proud of you all including the grown ups, you have all worked so hard together.

This week we are still focussing on people who help us, everything you need for this weeks learning will be posted on this page. Remember to email Ms Evans with any queries or support and a selection of your child work to

Friday is Chinese New Year ( Year of the Ox ) so remember to wear red for our Teams meeting. Looking forward to receiving your amazing work and catching up on Teams.

Have a lovely week everyone


Ms Evans, Mrs Boulton-Lear and. Miss Plant xx

Nursery TimeTable



Phonics Session 1


Healthy Teeth Activity

Literacy Extension. 


Letter Formation Rhymes

Maths-3D shapes

3D Shapes Poster

Super Hero Cone Characters

PSHE- Rainbow Breathing exercise

Grow A Rainbow Activity Instructions

Grow a Rainbow with Ms Evans


Grow a Rainbow Part 2- Sorry My camera had frozen towards the end. 

Photo of Ms Evans Rainbow

Understanding the World- keeping our teeth clean

Brushing Teeth Sequence Cards

Brushed My Teeth Chart

Tuesday- Post office

Physical- Baby Shark Workout


Phonics Session 2

Literacy- Jolly Postman Story

Design A Stamp Template

Maths- Counting 1-10

Number Cards 1-10

Post Boxes 1-10

Sorting Letters for Post Box

PSHE- We are Special


Another good drawing app for iPads, called whiteboard. This is the program I used for my self portrait video. 

Understanding The World- Posting a Letter

Wednesday- Hair/Beauty Salon

Physical- Cosmic Yoga Disco

Phonics Session 3

Literacy- Looking after Yourself.

Looking After Yourself PowerPoint

Hands and Feet Template

Maths- Counting 1-10

Capacity Cards

Extended maths Capacity Video

PSHE- We Are Best Friends

Understanding The World- Visiting the Hairdressers.

Playdough Mats

Role Play Hairstyle Posters

Role Play Appointment Cards

Role Play Appointment sheet

Role Play Opening Times Sign

Thursday- Builders

Physical- Boogie Beebies

Phonics Session 4

Literacy- People Who Help us Quiz

People Who Help Us PowerPoint Quiz

Who Can Help Me, Cut and Stick Activity

My Building Design Sheet

Maths- Counting 1-20

PSHE- Mindful Colouring

Calming Colouring Sheets

Understanding The World-  When I Grow Up

Friday- Chinese New Year, Year Of The Ox

Physical- Tabata Workout

Phonics Session 5

Literacy- Chinese New Year Story

Chinese New Year Colouring Sheets

Dough Disco


2D Shape Chinese Dragon Cutting Activity

PSHE- Feelings

How Do I Feel Today Chart

Understanding The World- Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Song

Chinese Lantern Template

Chinese Animal Symbols Template


Rhyming Robot cut and stick

Rhyming Robot Cut and Stick

Hearing & Writing Initial Sounds

Hearing & Writing initial sounds

Initial sounds sorting sheet

Cut out pictures for sorting initial sounds activity