Nursery Home Learning 1st-5th March 21

by 26 Feb 2021Nursery

Hello Everyone
This is our last week of remote learning, you did it ūüôā¬†
First of all I would like to say well done to you all for working so hard with your home learning, Mums, Dads and Grandparents you have done a fantastic job at being teachers and creating special memories together. I am proud of you all.
 Everything you will need from the planning this week will be posted on this page. Please send a selection of work to Ms Evans between 1pm-2pm, this can be one email containing a selection instead of emailing every day. Our teams sessions are 9.45am every morning, please email Ms Evans if you are unable to attend. We also have a story time teams at 2.45pm every day.
We are all really excited for your return to school on 8th March, we can’t wait to be one big family again. Have a lovely week¬†
Take care, Love
Ms Evans, Mrs Boulton-Lear and Miss Plant

Time Table 1st-5th March

Physical-  Old McDonald dance.

Phonics- Noisy farm

Session 1

Literacy- Old McDonald Had a Farm

Farm Writing Paper

Letter Formation Rhymes

Maths – 2D Shapes

2D shapes to Create a Farm Animal

PSHE – Calming Down

Mindful Challenging Cards

Understanding the World – Animals on a Farm

Physical- Cosmic Yoga, Jungle safari

Phonics – The Tiger and the Ant

Session 2

Literacy- Old McDonald had a Farm

Old McDonald Powerpoint

Farm Word Mat

Maths – Matching Quantity to Numbers 1-10

Number Cards 1-10

Peg Number matching Activity

PSHE – I’m Special

Wall of Happiness Cards

Understanding the World, Creative – Collaging a Farm Animal.

Farm Animal Templates

Physical – Barnyard Boogie Dance

Phonics- The Animal Beat

Session 3

Literacy- Noisy Farm

Farm Animal Masks

Farm Animal Puppets

Maths- 3D shapes and Counting

Feeding Activity Cards

Feeding Animal Heads

PSHE- Caring

Love Colouring Sheets

Understanding the World- ” What Comes From Sheep?”

Sheep Head for Activity

Sheep Shearing Activity Instructions

World Book Day
Wear something that makes you feel happy

Physical- Dinosaur Exercise

Phonics- Noisy Jungle Song

Session 4

Literacy- Whole school Book Theme ‘ The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’

Maths- Matching quantity to Numbers

Topmarks Ladybird Counting Game

PSHE – “How Does Music make us Feel?”

Understanding of the world- Baking and Decorating a cake


Physical- Kids Zumba, Minions

Phonics- Jungle Sound Story

Session 5

Dough Disco- Create your own moves


Farm Pencil Control Activity

Maths- Outside walk; Eye Spy Hunt for numbers, shapes and objects

My Walk Checklist

PSHE- Feelings

Mindful Colouring Sheets

 Understanding of the World- Farm Animals.



2D Animal cut and stick activity