Year 5 Home Learning 18th-22nd January

by 15 Jan 2021Year 5

Hi Year 5 and parents! Here’s all you need for our 3rd week of home learning.

Below is a copy of the timetable and a video of Mr Bennett talking through it. All the resources for each lesson are listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book. If you want to share your work and get feedback, ask your parent to email a photo/scan to Miss Griffiths at

Timetable link

Your weekly small group will be on the same day as last week. Miss Griffiths will read the list during the Teams session.

Here’s a guide to Posting on the Y5 Team channel.


Monday – 2 x 1 digit multiplication

Monday Questions

Monday Answers

Monday Solution Video


Tuesday – 3 x 1 digit multiplication

Tuesday Questions

Tuesday Answers

Tuesday Solution Video


Wednesday 4 x 1 digit multiplication

Wednesday Questions

Wednesday Answers

Wednesday Solution Video

Challenge task (find the missing digits, with answers)


Thursday – 2 x 2 area model

Thursday Questions – Do the first page only (the second page is Friday’s task)

Thursday Answers

Thursday/Friday Solution video


Friday  – 2 x 2 area method

Friday Questions (second page of Thursday’s worksheet)

Friday Answers

Friday Solution Video

Challenge task (with answers)



Monday – Look at the front cover of the book ‘Trash’. Complete the prediction sheet.

Tuesday – Watch the video of Miss Griffiths reading chapters 1 and 2. You can follow along by following the text links. Draw and label the opening scene of the boys on the trash.

Chapter 1 video  Chapter 1 Text

Chapter 2 video  Chapter 2 Text

Wednesday – Listen to chapters 1 and 2 again. Make a bullet point list of the key events that have happened so far.

Thursday – Complete the comprehension questions about Trash chapter 1.     Questions    Answers

Friday – Research a famous diarist and write a short fact file about them.



Monday – Apostrophes  – online lesson at To explore the function of apostrophes (

Tuesday – Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to generate a vocabulary list around the emotions of the children on the dumps.

Wednesday – Watch the video revising the features of a diary entry. Complete the planning sheet for your diary. You will be writing as Raphael – writing a diary entry about the events of chapters 1 and 2.


Planning sheet

Thursday – Write the first part of your diary entry. Chapter 1.

Friday – Write the second part of your diary entry – the events of chapter 2. Send your work to for feedback.



Monday – Watch the video of Mr Bennett explaining the Eatwell plate. Complete your own food diary each day. Remember to keep going with your happiness calendar too!    Video

Blank food diary 

Example food diary

Friday – Watch the video of Mr Bennett explaining how to assess your food diary.  Video

Assessment example

Assessment blank


Geography – Amazon River

Research the Amazon River. Create a poster giving the key facts about it. Can you find an interesting way to display your information?



Watch the two videos of Mr Bennett explaining the task, then head to to try yourself. The sound in video 2 might be difficult to hear – either turn up the speakers or copy the patterns on the screen to hear the beats yourself.

Video 1

Video 2    

Software –


Art – Perspective

Click on the lesson link to learn how to draw using perspective.

Perspective in drawing and painting – KS2 Art and Design – BBC Bitesize



Open the lesson link and complete the experiment. You will need some different baking and food products.

Lesson – Soluble and insoluble 



Read pages 4 and 5 of the BBC link 

Draw and label both the Catholic church and a chapel



Monday: Joe Wicks

Tuesday: Just Dance

Wednesday: Coach Geraldi

Thursday: Yoga with Adriene

Friday: Primary PE – KS2 weekly challenge