Wednesday 11th November

by 10 Nov 2020Year 5

It is Remembrance Day today – why not join in the 2-minute silence at 11am at home? Everyone at school will be wearing red, so feel free to join in with that.

Follow this link to watch Rev. Stone’s remembrance assembly, which everyone in school will be watching:!Akn_eMlncRD9gcwsj-9ZKu9MQ7w8bw?e=51SALn (if you start the video at 10.50, it should line up nicely with the 2-minute silence at 11am).

Here are the resources for today’s lessons. For an overview of the day and the lessons, have a look at this week’s home learning timetable. You are welcome to send photos of any work to me – I will create an online display of our work so that we can share it with the rest of class.


Maths –  Reading and interpreting tables

Questions (don’t need to print, just write answers in your home learning book)

Answer sheet

Miss Griffiths’ answer video (apologies, I made a mistake in the video – the anwers to Q1a is 12+14=26)



Based on last week’s work and using your plan from yesterday’s English lesson, write a non-chronological report about Beowulf (you can handwrite it or type it). You can use your knowledge of the story so far, research and your imagination.

A non-chronological report should include:

  • title
  • subheadings
  • picture (with caption)
  • glossary
  • formal language (3rd person, present tense, full sentences)
  • technical vocabulary
  • different sentence types (de:de, some;others)
  • a range of sentence starters

Here are a couple of examples of reports to help you:  Mars report, Pirates report

If you would like me to look at your writing and give you some feedback, ask your parents to email your work (document or photo) to me.



Write on a post-it something you’re good at, then stick it somewhere you’ll see it during the day. You can ask your family to write some positive post-its too.


P4C (Philosophy for Children) – Should we follow all rules?

What do you think? Discuss with the people in your home.

Look through the lesson powerpoint for more ideas.

Design a poster exploring different ideas. (e.g. What if we didn’t have any rules? Why are rules important?). Here are a few examples.

For more ideas and a quiz, visit