Tuesday 17th November

by 15 Nov 2020Year 5

Here are the resources for today’s lessons. For an overview of the day and the lessons, have a look at this week’s home learning timetable.

Maths – factors




Reading – blurbs

Based on yesterday’s work on blurbs, design your own front and back cover (including a blurb) for a book of your choice. Here is a template if you need it: Book cover template


English – write a haiku poem

Use the writing template and your learning from yesterday’s lesson to write your own haiku poems.


PSHE – support networks

During difficult times, the people around us are really important (we call them our ‘support network’). Use this template to think about who you have in your support network.


History – Alfred the Great

Use the internet to research King Alfred the Great (one of the most famous Anglo-Saxon kings).

Who was he? Why was he famous? Why was he called ‘great’?

Here are some links to get you started: