Year 1 – Remote Learning – WC 25/01/21

by 21 Jan 2021Year 1

Hello Year 1 and parents! This page is where you will find all that you need for your home learning.




Small group TEAMS calls will occur straight after whole group calls; Mr Wignall/Miss Hussain will ask certain children to remain on the call. These children must stay on the whole group call whilst all other teams have left and the small group session will begin.  For example; Monday’s Year 1 TEAMS call: 10.30am-11am, at 11am- specific children will stay on with Miss Hussain/Mr Wignall whilst the rest of the year group leave the call.



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Overview:  Week 4 Timetable

Above is a copy of the timetable. All the resources for each day are listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book. Alternatively, If you would like to print the worksheets, you could stick them into your home learning book. If you want to share your work and get feedback this week, ask your parent to email a photo/scan to Miss Hussain at:

For Maths, we are continuing this week with our work on addition and subtraction this term and moving onto Place value. Please find the videos and worksheets below. You can answer the questions in your Home Learning book if you prefer or print the work sheet. PLEASE NOTE: There is a link to the video on the 1st page of the power point.

Please find some great resources to explore below;

Phonics: Watch the video to help you for the week – Mr Wignall’s Phonics

For English, we are focusing on writing a diary entry. We are still exploring Paddington and so we will be writing the diary from the perspective of either Mr or Mrs Brown.

Reading: This week we are going to look at multiple reading skills. We will look at inference (working out what is happening) and retrieval (finding information) and also something called common exception words. These are words that we use often but they do not follow the usual phonic rules. For example ‘school’ has the ‘ch’ digraph making the ‘k’ sound.

Spellings for this week can be accessed on Spelling Shed. Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings on Friday.

We are moving onto week 3 of the spellings.

Group 1: Year 1 spellings Group 1

clue – blue – glue – tissue – claw – lawn – drawer – money – honey – donkey

Group 2: Year 1 spellings Group 2

air – fair – hair – lair – pair – oil – boil – coin – coil  – coin

Some extra phonics help and fun website links:

I have found this great guide to phonics which you may like to read.

‘PhonicsPlay’ is a great resource for you to teach and share phonics at home. They are offering free access during this period.

Username: march20 Password:home

These are some great reading resources to look at if you have time:

PE- Monday and Thursday

This week Miss Hussain is the remote learner teacher so please contact her for any queries at


Monday: (Teams call- 10.30am – 11am)

Maths – Addition and subtraction – Related Facts


Monday –  Video Lesson link –

Phonics: ‘ou’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity

English: Time conjunctions –

Tell children that this week we will be looking at and writing a diary entry.

Share a dairy entry from Cinderella and see if you can spot any of the features below.

Features of a diary include:

  • Date
  • ‘Dear Diary’ to start
  • Summary on the first line – ‘Today has been amazing!’
  • Written in the first person (I, we, my)
  • Written in past tense – the events have already happened
  • Talks about important events
  • Includes feelings
  • Uses time conjunctions (before, next, after, then)

Complete the Time conjunctions activity

Reading: Making an inference, looking for clues…

Watch Zebra animanimals on YouTube:

Orally re-tell the story with the children’s help. Add in detail.

Children are to infer how the zebra is feeling at different parts of the story. There are no words in the clip so how could we know?

Complete the activity


Tuesday – Teams call – 9.45 – 10.15

Maths – Addition and subtraction – Comparing number sentences


Tuesday video lesson link —

Phonics: ‘ir’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity


Explain to children that one of the most important things to remember when writing a diary is to write in the past tense.

What does past mean? – look for answers based around ‘something that has already happened’.

Think about how these words might change

drop = dropped

jump = jumped

play = played

look = looked

What happens to these words? – they have –ed added to the end. Practice saying these words ensuring children don’t replace –ed with –t.

Complete the activity

Reading – I can pick out relevant information.

Monkey Forest – Look at website together. What information can we find out?

Answer the questions by finding the information.

Watch this commercial

What facts can we pick out from the information?

What are the purpose of adverts? Have a chat about them. Why do all the toys on adverts seem amazing?

Science – I can name a variety of animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

In Science this term we will be looking at lots of different animals. We will look at how to sort and classify animals whilst studying what makes them different. Are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores? Do humans fit into any of these categories?

To start we will be looking at animals under the sea.

Get a plain piece of paper and write on it ‘under the sea’ in the middle. Can the children write or draw any animals that they know that live under the sea? How many can they get? This is called a spider diagram.

Go through the power point and discuss the animals. Can they now add anymore to their spider diagram?

Get these spider diagrams sent to Miss Hussain by Friday so we can see their fantastic work?

If the children want to then we always love a research project to help them learn lots of scientific skills.

Pick one of the animals and research it. How can we get more information? Books, google or maybe ask an expert?

Wednesday – Teams call – 11.45 – 12.05

Maths – Place Value – Numbers to 50


Wednesday lesson – Video link –

Phonics: ‘ir’ Sound – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity


A diary is usually a secret place to write how you feel about what has happened to you in the day.

  • Do any of you write in a diary?
  • What sorts of things do you like to write about?

In a diary, most people include their feelings, hopes or fears that they wouldn’t want anyone to know about.

Where have these diary writers described their feelings?

‘I couldn’t believe that we had won The World Cup! I was shocked and surprised.’

‘I was star of the week. My whole body tingled with happiness, I was so proud.’

‘I hated the dark. I was terrified, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.’

Have a look at the power point and complete the activity about how we are feeling.

Reading: Reads common exception words.

Have a look at the list of common exception words and have a practice. Keep it and practice them every now and again.

Complete the activity by reading and drawing a picture.

Science – I can classify animals

Have a look at the power point and discuss how we can tell what different categories the animals go into.

What’s the difference between mammals and reptiles?

Cut out the pictures and stick them into the correct category.

Thursday – Teams call – 2.45 – 3.15

Maths – Place Value – Counting forward and backwards within 50


Thursday video lesson link –

Phonics: ‘ue’ Sound saying ‘yoo’ – Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity

English: I can plan a diary entry

Today and tomorrow we will be writing a diary entry as Mr or Mr’s Brown. So today, we need to work together, to plan what we want to write.

We have learnt a lot about writing in past tense, using time conjunctions and writing about the characters feelings.

We also need to remember to write using I, my or we.

How might we do this? – pretend to be Mr or Mr’s Brown on a day with Paddington. Get children to close their eyes. Once they open them back up they will no longer be children at Ash Green – they will be either Mr or Mr’s Brown.

Using all skill learnt this week, plan a diary entry together. Write the entry if you were Mr or Mrs Brown spending the day with Paddington.

What did you do?

What and who did you see?

How did you feel?

Complete the plan.


Friday – Teams call – 2.10 – 2.40

Maths – Place Value –  Place Value – 10’s and 1’s


Friday video lesson link –

Phonics: ‘ue’ Sound saying ‘oo’-  Work your way through the Powerpoint and complete the activity

English: I can write a diary entry

Recap the plan from yesterday. Then move onto writing the full diary entry in your book.

Can you read over what you wrote yesterday?

Have you used the features?

What can you add/ change?

Remember the brilliant basics of writing!

  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Capital letters
  • Check it makes sense
  • Use our phonics

We would love to see these pieces of writing so please do send them in to Miss Hussain and we will both look at them. We cant wait to see them.

Science –  I can classify and name animals by what they eat. (Carnivore, herbivore and carnivore)

Look through the power point and discuss herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Complete the activity by sorting the animals into the Venn diagram. They may not all fit so you are welcome to create your own. Feel free to colour the pictures in too!


Good luck and do your best!

We love seeing the fantastic stuff you get up to and we miss you all.

Please send through a piece of science and the diary writing through this week to Miss Hussain. We both look at the work that comes through and we keep it in a file safe and sound. You are doing amazing and we are very proud of you all.

Mr Wignall and Miss Hussain