Year 1 Remote learning – W.C 11/01/21

by 6 Jan 2021Year 1

Hi Year 1 and parents! Happy New Year! This page is where you will find all you need for your home learning.

Below is a copy of the timetable. All the resources for each lesson are listed further down the page. You should complete any work in your Home Learning exercise book. If you want to share your work and get feedback this week, ask your parent to email a photo/scan to Miss Hussein at

Parent and pupil guide to using teams. 

This week Miss Hussain is the remote learner teacher so please contact her for any queries at

Week 2 Timetable W.C 11/01/21

Remote learning plan W.C 11.01.21

Video walk through


Work your way through the power point and complete the activity.

Monday – Powerpoint —-  Worksheet

Tuesday – Powerpoint      —-  Worksheet

Wednesday Powerpoint    —- Worksheet

Thursday – Powerpoint  —- Worksheet

Friday – Powerpoint  —- Worksheet

Some extra phonics help and fun website links.

‘PhonicsPlay’ is a great resource for you to teach and share phonics at home. They are offering free access during this period.

Username: march20 Password:home


We are continuing this week with our work on addition and subtraction this term. Please find the videos and worksheets below. You can answer the questions in your Home Learning book if you prefer or print the work sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a link to the video on the 1st page of the power point.

Monday Powerpoint  —- Worksheet  —- Answers

Tuesday Powerpoint —-   Tuesday and Wednesday Worksheet  —- Answers

Wednesday Powerpoint —- No worksheet but practice any of your sums

Thursday Powerpoint —- Worksheet —- Answers

Friday Powerpoint —-  Worksheet  —- Answers

Please find some great resources to explore below;


We are starting the Spring term by looking at the text ‘ a bear called Paddington’ by Michael Bond. Please find the work below for each day. You can do the activities straight into your Home Learning books.

Monday 11th January –  Predicting Paddington Power point —- Work

Tuesday 12th January – Paddington online book —-  Work

Wednesday 13th January –  What could Paddington have in his suitcase?

Thursday 14th January –  Spot the adjectives

Friday 15th January –  Answer the Paddington questions


Can we spot features of a poem? It has rhyme and repeated language. It is also often fun to read as it has its own rhythm.

Read the poem —- Match the words

Spot the rhyming words

Answer the retrieval questions about the poem

These are some great reading resources to look at if you have time.


Healthy Mind, Happy Me

This is linked with our focus on children’s mental health during this time. Please complete the activities directly into your home learning books.

Monday —- I can name people who are important in my life

Draw a picture and talk about the special people in your life.


Tuesday —- I can name people who are important in my life

Write about what makes the people you drew about yesterday special.

Wednesday —-I can name and discuss people, places and things that make me feel happy in my life

Where do you go that makes you feel happy? Draw and label a picture of one of these places.


Thursday —- I can name and discuss people, places and things that make me feel happy in my life.

Tell us about another place that makes you feel happy and why is it so great?

Friday —-I can help to create a happy feeling in the classroom that I feel I am part of the team

Write a list of things we can do in the classroom to make us feel part of a team?